May 17, 2005

The Malaysian DemoHypocracy

  1. Why is it, that Malaysia is a democracy that differentiates its citizens by class? Why do Malay citizens get social benefits whereas the rest do not? Are we the only "so-called-democacry" in the world that segregates citizens by race and provide people of this race social benefits?

  2. Why is it, that my cousins in New Zealand, while studying their double-degree courses and working part time as waitresses etc, are able to afford a plane ticket (to and fro) to Malaysia every 2-3 years? And i've been working a full time professional job and can't afford shit?


SinfullySweet said...

hey man read this

Aaron said...

Hey dude,

Personally I think we non-bumis ask too much. I understand that we do not get the same priviledges as the bumis but we should be thankful for what we already have. After all we are very fortunate country. We are good if not better than a lot of countries out there. We are so modern that other nationalities envy us. Sure your cousins earn better salary working as part time waitresses in NZ but you forget about the workload they have to go through. I've worked as a professional in KL and a part time barista in Australia so I know. After all I believe you can be successful wherever you are. Complaining doesn't bring us anywhere. Just my 2 cents :).


::Lord Apprentice:: said...

aye, good points you have there man.

I am very thankful to be a Malaysian, and i readily admit to anyone that life here in Malaysia is better than alot of other countries. There's a lot to appreciate, so i wont really go into it that much.

Yes, anyone can be successful anywhere. But this isnt about being successful. It is about the standards of living. Its about equality. Its about the basic human rights to be treated the same as your neighbour, no matter what the race or religion.

If i didnt care about my country, i woudlnt care enough to complain about its inadequacies. Personally, i think complaints when used constructively, can bring us to fantastic places, provided if the complaints are objective and true. I hope mine where.

Its as simple as this --> i see something that could be done better for the benefit of everyone, so i question it.

on a similiar note, do read my friends own thoughts about this here, as to why maintaining the pro-bumi law is good for the country