August 28, 2007

Lone Wolf Game in the making!

I used to play the Lone Wolf gamebooks as a kid, and all the way into my teenage years. Absolutely loved them, and so did my brother.

I got a pleasant surpise this morning, when my brother emailed me :

You might want be interested to know that Lone Wolf game will be out soon. Should be fun...

I lost my breath for a moment! Then my brain took over and gave me a dose of reality, "Just pray that it doesn't suck!"

If you don't know about Lone Wolf, just think Star Wars (one hero, magic swords, jedi like affiliations,) + Lords of the Rings (fantasy realms, monsters, magic, talking trees, impossible missions)

Interestingly enough, the game is being developed in Singapore, by a gaming company called Ksatria Gameworks. They will be presenting 'Lone Wolf: Flight From The Dark' for the first time at Games Convention Asia in Singapore from September 6 to 9. If anyone has the chance to check this game out, do let me know if it does suck.

Flight from the Dark was the first book of the entire gamebook series, and i guess they will start the game from there. I wonder if they will make 1 game per gamebook, which will mean there could be up to 20+ Lone Wolf games!


lanatir said...

Finally! Surprised Joe Dever gave them the rights... now where's my Sommerswerd?!?!?! Damn you Vashna!

Jasraj said...

As a one time fan of the Lone Wolf series all I say is that I sincerely am looking forward to the game.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

lanatir: hahahah! sommerswerd! haven't heard that and Vashna in ages!

jasraj: me too man, me too! have to go dig up all those books and play them again! I think my fav part about the books was all the fantasy drawings on the front cover and inside as well!

Cedric said...

As part of the Ksatria Team , i wont be objective :) I just can say that the game received good feedbacks today from people that tried the demo at the Game Convention. The 2 coming days should confirm this.
Cedric - Lead programmer at Ksatria

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

Hi cedric! Thanks for dropping by...

im curious to check out screen shots or initial reviews ..any thoughts? Didnt see anything on the ksatria website..

Cedric said...

Hi again,

Ksatria website have been updated with screenshots (demo,concepts,characters,env...) as well as links to articles.

Cedric - Lead programmer at Ksatria